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Firmwide Sustainability

We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations throughout our business practices and operations. Our leadership, employees and stakeholders work to drive and support our global sustainability strategy and priorities.

Sustainable Business Practices

We aim to manage our supply chain sustainably, improve the resilience of our operations, foster an inclusive workforce and engage our people.

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ESG Governance

Firmwide leadership and committees across the Firm focus on ESG governance, which covers diversity and inclusion, climate and sustainability efforts.

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Disclosure and Stakeholder Engagement

We provide decision-useful information to stakeholders, consult them and monitor relevant global frameworks to continually improve our reporting and disclosures.

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Sustainability Governance & Risk Management

Our core values—do the right thing, put clients first, lead with exceptional ideas, commit to diversity and inclusion and give back—drive everything we do. To build operational resilience, we’re working to integrate ESG across business activities and operations, with support from dedicated teams. Several Morgan Stanley Board committees have explicit responsibilities for D&I, climate and sustainability. The Governance and Sustainability Committee, which was previously the Nominating and Governance Committee, has overseen ESG initiatives for several years. The Board Risk Committee oversees climate risks. The Compensation, Management, Development and Succession Committee assists the Board in its oversight of strategies, policies and practices related to human capital generally, including diversity and inclusion. The Audit Committee oversees the firm’s voluntary public sustainability and climate disclosures. The Board is briefed on topics across each theme, as appropriate.


Our Chief Sustainability Officer, Jessica Alsford, leads our efforts to promote sustainability through the global capital markets in partnership with divisions across the firm. She heads Global Sustainability Office, which partners with senior leaders in our three businesses as well as support services and risk and control functions.

“As Chief Sustainability Officer and CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Investing, I am proud of the work Morgan Stanley has done to mobilize capital in ways that drive systemic and sustainable change around the world," Alsford says. "As the landscape around ESG continues to grow increasingly complex, we remain committed to leveraging our expertise to serve the sustainability needs of our clients, our communities and our colleagues.”

For more information on sustainability oversight at Morgan Stanley and our approach to governance more broadly, see our latest ESG report.

For information about Morgan Stanley's approach to corporate governance more broadly, please visit our corporate governance page.

The Global Sustainability Office (GSO) drives the firm’s sustainability strategy through thought leadership and innovation. GSO partners closely with colleagues throughout our three business segments, support services, and risk and control functions.

The Global Sustainability Office (GSO) drives the firm’s sustainability strategy through thought leadership and innovation. GSO partners closely with colleagues throughout our three business segments, support services, and risk and control functions.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our approach to sustainability benefits from the varied perspectives and insights of our key sustainability stakeholders.


We maintain close dialogue with investors and work to meet their requests for sustainability information. The data, content and narrative in the firm’s ESG Report is informed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards for Investment Banking, Asset Management and Commercial Banking and the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).


We host ESG conferences for clients and other stakeholders globally. We engage them directly to better understand ESG preferences and collaborate on solutions and services to help meet their needs.


We encourage our employees to be sustainability-minded through events, campaigns and our company intranet, and use surveys to gather feedback.

Nonprofits and Civil Society

We value outside views on our sustainability strategy, gaining insights through individual and small-group dialogues as well as industry groups and third-party events.


Sustainable Business Practices

Morgan Stanley aims to integrate ESG considerations across our business practices and global operations. Our focus areas include fostering an inclusive workforce and culture, building a sustainable supply chain, improving workplace sustainability and resilience and engaging our employees.

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We strive to be a global leader in diversity and inclusion, bringing our colleagues, communities and clients together in a shared commitment to creating a more equitable society. To learn more about our strategy, goals and programs, please see our latest ESG report.

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The Morgan Stanley Inclusive Venture Lab is an intensive five-month accelerator for underrepresented founders of tech and tech-enabled startups. The Lab provides tools, resources and access to investors.

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The Morgan Stanley Institute for Inclusion is led by our Chairman and CEO, and is committed to driving greater workplace diversity and inclusion, advancing equity through philanthropy, and driving greater economic outcomes for underserved communities through our products, services and business practices.

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Sustainable Supply Chain


We seek to employ a diverse global workforce and supplier base. Our long-running Supplier Diversity program identifies diverse-owned companies that can meet our business needs.

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We expect our suppliers to meet our core values and high standards for doing business. Our Supplier Code of Conduct lays out our requirements for human and labor rights, environmental protections and ethical business practices.

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We strive to uphold global standards for responsible business, including equal opportunity, freedom to associate and bargain collectively, and the elimination of child and forced labor. We are committed to help ensure modern slavery has no part in our operations or supply chain.

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Employee Engagement


We encourage our employees to join sustainability-related employee networks, events and campaigns. In 2019, we launched a campaign to educate employees about Firm measures to mitigate the environmental impact of our physical business operations and to encourage them to adopt an environmentally conscious mindset, and make sustainable choices.


Our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct enshrine our ethical practices and define the daily behavior we expect from our people. Employees certify that they understand and will adhere to these codes as new hires and every year they remain with the firm. To enable our talented people to fulfill their professional potential, we offer ongoing training and skills development.

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Morgan Stanley promotes several Employee Networking Groups (ENGs) that enrich our global business and culture through relationship-building and the exchange of ideas. Employees use these forums to interact, learn and support each other while increasing their firmwide exposure, gaining professional development skills and giving back to the community through volunteer efforts.

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Operational Sustainability

We actively manage the environmental impact of our physical business operations and seek to minimize the associated emissions. Our strategy aims to reduce the firm’s energy, water and paper consumption and waste, helping us attain a more sustainably built operational environment.


Morgan Stanley achieved carbon neutrality in 2022.1  Our carbon-neutrality status covers direct Scope 1 emissions from our operations, indirect Scope 2 location-based emissions from purchasing energy and Scope 3 emissions from business travel and owned assets that are leased. For more information, please see the "Achieving Carbon-Neutral Operations" section of our ESG Report.


Renewable electricity attributes account for 100% of global operational electricity in 2022. For more information, please see the "Achieving Carbon-Neutral Operations" section of our ESG Report.


Giving Back

Morgan Stanley is rooted in communities around the world, providing a unique opportunity to make a difference through philanthropy and public works. Learn more about our long-lasting partnerships, community-based grants and how we engage our best asset—our people.

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