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Investing with Impact

"To galvanize the necessary capital to have real impact, sustainable investing can’t be limited to investors willing to accept unattractive returns in order to create social good. Getting to scale requires investment products that seek attractive returns while benefiting society. This is the philosophy behind our Investing with Impact Platform."


—James Gorman, Executive Chairman

Align Your Investments
With Your Values

Our Investing with Impact Platform offers a diverse range of funds and other investments designed to advance environmental, economic and social goals — while striving for competitive performance. We make it easy to craft an investment portfolio of any size that is tailored to meet the impact goals of your choice.


Investing with Impact

The three I’s of “Impact” represent the range of customizable approaches investors can pursue across asset classes to maximize positive impact.


Intentional investment process that seeks to generate market-rate returns alongside postitive social and environmental impact in one or more of the following ways:

Minimize Objectionable Impact

Generate Targeted Impact

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Restriction Screening

Reduce exposure to companies that detract from intended positive impacts

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ESG Integration

Consider environmental, social and governance across corporate practices in the investment process

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Thematic Solutions

Focus on companies whose products & services contribute to sustainibility solutions


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Active Ownership

Management engagement, strategy setting, proxy voting, resolution filing, filling board seats and more to modify behavior of portfolio companies to generate better social and environmental outcomes


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Market Building

Seek to influence the industry through collaborative affiliations and adopting global frameworks


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Diverse Firm Ownership1


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Diverse Representation Across Investment Professionals

1. Inclusion is defined as diverse asset manager ownership and/or diverse portfolio manager representation. Morgan Stanley's Global Investment Management Analysis (GIMA) team, defines diverse asset managers as those with 33% or greater ownership by women or racial/ethnic diverse individuals. This definition aligns with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission categories and includes: Hispanic or Latino, Black or African American, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander. Diverse representation is defined as 50% or greater female named portfolio managers, as reported by the asset manager.

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Thematic Guides

Gender Diversity

Develop a tailored investment approach to integrate gender diversity criteria into your portfolio. 

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4 Ways Investors Can Act on Climate Change

Investors can help play an active role in mitigating climate change-related risks and aiding the shift to a lower-carbon economy.

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Racial Equity

Investors now have a variety of intentional investing approaches to pursue a more inclusive society, as well as their financial goals.

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All In For Impact Forum: Leadership Perspectives

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