Morgan Stanley

The Morgan Stanley Foundation helps the Boston Medical Center Grow Clinic care for malnourished children and their families.

For some hard working families in Boston’s low-income neighborhoods, it’s not just health care that’s out of reach. It’s also things that most American families take for granted, like having a high chair, or even enough eating utensils. “We’ve gone to houses where there’s just one bowl and one large spoon for the entire family, and the baby has trouble eating off the large spoon,” says Deborah Frank, the founder and director of the Boston Medical Center Grow Clinic for Children.

The Grow Clinic provides medical, nutritional, and social services to children diagnosed with Failure To Thrive (FTT), a term used in pediatric medicine to indicate insufficient weight gain or too much weight loss. If untreated, children with FTT can be crippled with emotional problems as well as delayed learning, language and motor skills.

 The Clinic’s work is something Jeff Swartz, a Managing Director in Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, holds dear. He and dozens of Morgan Stanley employees support the Clinic by holding fund drives throughout the year. The Morgan Stanley Foundation in turn supports employee volunteer efforts as part of its commitment to health programs for children. “The things we do to help people in the community define us as people and Morgan Stanley in this city,” says Jeff.

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