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  • May 31, 2023

A Culture of Innovation at Morgan Stanley India


The reason why I chose Morgan Stanley

was for the culture.

I do believe in a structure

where you give opportunity

for people to grow.


So I got to hire, mentor, build a team,

learn myself a new technology.


I also get to work with many people

across departments

and eventually now I

talk to stakeholders directly.

So I get to play everything.


When I got hired,

I took that bold

step of actually moving

into a place where

everything was new to me.


The technology moved from Java

to Scala Python,

then I moved to cloud.

You name any technology in the cloud,

I got an opportunity.


You are using

the latest technologies

to make life easy for a person

who's dealing with finance.


I have come to a point

where I have realized

that it is not one particular technology,

the skill that has to be learned

is learning how to learn.


It is changing every minute

you have a startup company

that is coming up,

it will change again.

So I have to know the skill,

how I can learn something

that I don't know at all,

and that will stay with you

when you work everywhere.


I have been a single mother

for quite some years in my life.

It's a social stigma.

I have a second marriage now,

he has a daughter.


But I want to go into a place where

I'm respected,

irrespective of my marital status.

And because I get that

kind of an environment,

I feel safe that I can talk.

So I can also automatically

cascade it

wherever I go.


It's really nice, actually.

It feels good.

Technologists make up the heart of our ever-growing and dynamic team in India, where passion drives both innovation and career success.

Our technologists in Mumbai and Bengaluru constantly stretch themselves to master new skills and solve complex problems, taking on challenges big and small. “Name any opportunity in cloud technology, and I was given that opportunity,” says Kusuma Bhoyi, an Executive Director in Institutional Securities Technology, who decided to apply to the firm for the opportunity to expand her horizons and was pleasantly surprised by how far she’s come. For Bhoyi, the excitement of working at Morgan Stanley comes not just from staying on top of the latest innovations but, she says, from “learning how to learn.

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