Morgan Stanley
  • Access & Opportunity Podcast
  • Jun 12, 2020

Bridging the Gaps: Racial, Social & Economic Justice

Hosted by Carla Harris

In the wake of continued violence against black lives, we are revisiting conversations with black entrepreneurs and investors whose stories advance our understanding of how these injustices are lived and overcome.

Today communities of color are in pain as they are forced to navigate the confluence of the global Covid-19 pandemic and continued murder of and violence against black lives. Join us for a special episode of Access & Opportunity, as we continue to try to bridge the gap between the social and economic injustice that oppress communities of color. 

In this new episode we revisit conversations with black entrepreneurs and investors who have shared their playbook points for how to overcome barriers to success that exist because of the color of their skin. Through listening to and elevating their stories we can help identify the economic manifestations of racism, learn from each other and work towards a more equitable society.

Inclusive Innovation & Opportunity