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Vice President, Technology

Prateek is a software developer at Morgan Stanley, a Vice President and part of Morgan Stanley's 2011 analyst program. He became interested in programming in high school, then earned a bachelor's degree in engineering at the Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, University of Mumbai.

What do you do at Morgan Stanley and how has your career evolved?

I work in the Morgan Stanley portfolio accounting team in Mumbai. Initially when I started, I was a developer on a very small team. I gradually gained more responsibility and collaborated with our people in different offices across Hong Kong/London/New York. I became more involved and took a bigger role. I started handling all the team meetings. I continued to work on my professional skills and learned how to interact with different teams.

What was the analyst program like?

It was a three-month program and a great way to start my career. It provided good technical exposure and got everyone up to the same level. Most of us were technical guys, without a financial background, and wondered if we would be able to learn everything we needed to know. Through this program we were able to learn about financial products and portfolios. Most of us were the same age, and it was a good opportunity to make friends.

What is your day-to-day life like?

It's very busy and never gets boring. We have multiple streams of work going on at once. I have a lot of interaction with my local team in Mumbai as well as globally.

Can you talk about some of the projects you're involved in?

I’ve been a core member of the accounting engine for the renovated equity swaps project. This project challenged me both functionally and technically. We're always thinking creatively to find the best solutions. We might have a new idea that could help the business. It doesn't matter how senior you are. Even if you're just starting out, your ideas matter.

Did you have guidance to advance your career?

Yes, I was involved in a mentorship program, which was helpful to determine the best projects to work on and what my role should be in the project. My managers are always available because of the open culture. Management is always paying attention to making sure that things are working and they evaluate the process. 

Why is Morgan Stanley a great place to work for someone interested in tech?

We have amazing technology that you can work on. I love programming, and there's plenty of coding opportunities. Our projects are interesting, and there are lots of chances to progress in your career.

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