Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment Scams

More and more people are using mobile payment apps like Zelle®, Venmo® or CashApp®. P2P payments can make splitting the bill or paying for a service simple and convenient, but vigilance is key.

Action Steps to Prevent P2P Scams

If you’ve fallen for a P2P Scam, there’s a good chance that your funds are lost for good, but it’s still important to respond quickly to limit damage and help others from being similarly targeted.

  1. 1
    Contact Your Financial Institution

    Immediately contact the P2P app or your financial institution to explain that the transaction was fraudulent and seek assistance with retrieval.

  2. 2
    Report Your Situation

    If you do not receive the support you need, contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at and file a complaint.

Other Scams to Be Aware Of

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