Security Center: How to Protect Yourself Online

Safeguarding your assets and information is one of our highest priorities, but you also have a critical role to play. Check out our collection of practical takeaways and best practices from our cybersecurity professionals, then explore a few of the ways we help protect you.

Top Trends and Tips

The cybersecurity landscape is always changing. Start here to get up to speed on the latest in cyber awareness and what it means for you.

What You Should Know

Vigilance is key to keeping your digital assets and identity safe. Here are some easy, common-sense ways to protect yourself online.

How to Detect and Prevent Cyber Scams

Scammers cast a wide net when looking for prey. You can reduce your vulnerability by knowing the signs of a scam—and how to respond if you fall victim. 

Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

Children and seniors are prime targets for cybercriminals. Learn how to protect the people you love most. 

Security Tips for Your Business

When it comes to securing your business, these steps can alleviate stress before it begins.

How We Protect You

Morgan Stanley has built a leading cyber defense organization in-house, drawn from former senior professionals at government security agencies and the technology industry. We work nonstop around the globe to defend your digital assets and monitor the threat landscape on your behalf.
When someone logs in to your account, we evaluate the login and flag unusual or potentially high-risk activities in real time to identify indications of attempted fraud.
Our digital tools are built with the security of client assets and data as a top priority. All login sessions to Morgan Stanley Online and the Morgan Stanley Mobile App have end-to-end, high-grade encryption.
We offer strong authentication options to verify your identity and protect access to your accounts, including device registration, one-time security codes and more.
With VoiceID, we use a voiceprint—like a digital fingerprint—to seamlessly confirm your identity when you call our Service Center.
As a complimentary benefit to clients with a Morgan Stanley CashPlus Account, we offer a package of identity and credit protection services.
In the unlikely event that cyber activity breaches our security measures, we will reimburse you for losses on your Morgan Stanley Wealth Management accounts that are a result of the unauthorized access to our systems through no fault of your own.

Report an Online Security Concern

If you suspect you may be the victim of fraud or identity theft, or if you notice suspicious account activity or receive a questionable email or text that appears to be from Morgan Stanley, please contact us immediately at
(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
For international clients, please contact your Morgan Stanley Client Representative immediately to report any online fraud or security concerns.